The journey of Whole30


These are a few of my favorite things (bulletproof plus collagen)

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It’s been a while since I’ve gone on here (finally learning my ‘new’er web host ) and shared what I’m thinking. I love using Instagram, beautiful pictures and lovely colors to say what I enjoy or find pleasure in.

If you follow me or are just a friend who knows me in real life (imagine that, real life), you’ll

see I’ve started to do some fun Facebook live sessions or whatever you would call it. We have so many new words in our life of social media and electronics. Always new ‘verbs’ and new things to do. I realized that when people try to follow me they get led to my blog from IG (Instagram), which sadly, my blog is still in rambles/shambles. I spent 2 hours playing around and learning and adding things. Not much to show, but lots learned.

Anyways, I’ve been having fun on Facebook & Instagram and & Instagram stories (IG stories are great so I don’t blow up peoples’ feeds but can still post caramelized onions or my goofy kids)….posting about my everyday life. Pictures make it more fun to document life, to share it, and to create. Being the mom of 4 boys, who are every growing and changing and running, I find that taking time for creative outlets is rejuvenating. It often includes them, and the creativity of children just living and playing and exploring.

I recently was invited by a trio of sisters to try the Whole30 for a month. A paleo type elimination diet, to weed out foods you may not do well with or for me it is insight in to why I eat. I feel like at times in my life I walk around in a fog of knowing what’s good for me but lacking the self control or desire to change. It is odd, though, how when I decide to do something, it’s so much easier. Back to what I was saying, So about 2 weeks ago, I started eating lots of veggies, healthy proteins, no dairy, no sugar (besides some fruit)  and no grains, and no alcohol. I have eaten gluten free and dairy free (besides goat or sheep dairy) for years now. A journey in itself, learning what is good for my body, what I thrive on and what interferes with everyday function. I feel like I may have had less detox symptoms and cravings due to the fact I’ve eaten either gf/df for years and a few seasons of eating whole30 without knowing it had a name. I was foggy in the beginning, and a bit tired the first week. I think because I have cleared out certain foods before, my body is recognizing this as a good place, good foods, good feelings. I chose to do the whole30 for many reasons, and as I go along this month of eating super healthy, I see other reasons I am choosing health for myself. I was told at a Chiropractic visit that I wasn’t processing sugars, so that helped choosing a way of eating without sugars added in, as easy. There’s motivation for me when I know this is good for me and best for my health. I am eating a little fruit, like I love frozen blueberries. I think fruit is good, just for this season, I’m cutting it back until I know my body has healed.

I started also cutting back my caffeine consumption. I have had days I don’t drink  it at all. In the first week that made it harder, but now as i have a lot more energy, I don’t feel the crutch coffee has been (but still enjoy it).

A month ago, right before I ventured to join my trio of friends, I was invited to speak at a local MOPS group (like a mom support group with good food, great stories, and a craft if you want)  about eating healthy and on a budget

. It got me thinking and acknowledging how much I love learning and sharing about health, especially with food. My sister encouraged me to try a Facebook live, and since then I’ve been enjoying making the time to go live (that means having a schedule some days more, cleaning my house/kitchen all the way up, maybe even lip gloss for fun). I’ve been taking things I’ve been wanting to do, or used to do regularly and incorporating them into my everyday life and Facebook live times. My kids love to join me, but I’m still teaching them how to interact and join me (hands and faces in the camera).

I think besides feeling much healthier, clearer thinking, less shame in how i am treating myself and my body, I’m finding that I like who I am, and developing who that is (at least for this season of life, it changes….it sure changes all the time).

So glad you popped on to check out my blog, writings and thoughts.

This Sunday I’m doing a Facebook live (and you are the first to know) here at my house with my girl friend, Christina and my husband, Adam. They are having a cook off, so join us. I’ll post the time to my IG and Facebook feed.

Until then, carry on, find something to find joy in today, savor a moment, rest and connect to yourself (don’t worry, it’s hard sometimes at first and even scary, but it gets really good as you learn to enjoy you).

Still learning….




I am having fun learning to build my own blog page so don’t be surprised when you see it look a little or a lot different each time you visit.

Along with the adventure/challenge of a blog, I’ve been learning things like goals. Talked to a good friend after a walk/run and was glad to know I’m not the only person who didn’t know about goals, or and is learning to set them, too. The other side of that is I’m a pretty happy just to be, so I need less to do to make me happy. I’ve dealt with a lot of fear of failure and being ‘good enough’ that it’s held me frozen, not moving. I’ve come (grown) to a place that I don’t want to live like this anymore. I’m taking little steps to change my thoughts and actions. But in the process I don’t want to forget the heart of me. Like today’s run/walk was great. I know there are so many days that I sit in fear of not having enough time, that I don’t do anything active. I’m slowly making new choices to do these things whether I feel them or not. Or even if I’m scared. And reminding myself that I can DO ALL Things through Christ. For some of you, this may be an easy activity/practice and there are other things that scare you or are difficult. I’m finding that often it’s not about the workout but what’s going on mentally/emotionally/spiritually for me. I can easily be extreme and legalistic with myself to get things  done, but I don’t like that lifestyle. I am loving learning to love myself and also do good things for myself. It looks different each day. Today was just plain enjoyable. Getting out of the house much earlier than I ever do, for that matter up at 5am (thanks to the baby), yikes! I’ve heard that you have to run a certain amount before it starts to feel good. I only did slow runs (not jogging…slow running) and then fast walking, but I felt a lot of pure bliss, freedom and happiness in the moments. I don’t know what the next time walking/running will look like, maybe it will be less fun and more effort, but I’ll save that for another day.

Since Sunday naps are happening, I may take the time to do a little something… make up my Christmas to make/buy list for our family.



The voices in my head


I know we all wrestle with internal voices in our head. Ok, some may not feel comfortable admitting this out loud. I’m not talking about the silliness of talking to ourselves – isn’t it nice to be a parent and find it’s ok to have a two-way conversation with ourselves out loud. There shouldn’t be shame in the truth that we have voices in our heads. I’m going to keep it simple and not delve into this idea too much for now.

I wrestle with my own self. The part of me that isn’t so loving, the part of me that is still a little kid with its own ideas and perceptions. I’m learning to be an adult (and try to stay an adult all day long, I know we all regress to feeling like a little kid in moments through the day, well, at least I do). I’m learning to have compassion for my younger self that doesn’t get it all yet. Learning to love myself as I struggle from things that trigger me to regress and feel helpless or out of control.

To make it more personal, I struggle with being hard on myself. House cleaning and chores make me want to run and hide. I find I’m in the kitchen, on my second cup of tea, looking like I’m present but truthfully scared to know what to do next…..what thing on my to-do today list should I start with, who needs me first, the nagging in my head that I really should start the boys’ school, and then all the other things I think of to add to my to-do list. (I know the truth is it’s easier to just begin, but the irrational fears in my head sometimes are pretty loud).

As I step back, to find the truth, the listen to my internal self, stopping the other voices to find what I am truly needing in the moment. Most of this fades away, mostly as I am present, I find, it all doesn’t really matter. Of course I tend to fights, and cries from my children amongst the every day chores. But as I sit back – within myself and find what is true. I began to absorb God’s love and truth. He tells me what His perspective on all my fears of failure and not being good enough. He begins to reveal the shame that holds me in a memory. As that memory is healed, I am released to be me. Only kind loving voices reside. And His eternal perspective. It’s going to be ok, all this doesn’t really matter, just BE, worshipping and dancing….letting go and just BEING.

Yes, I step back into some of my old memories/triggers, but often these are layers. Each layer closer to living more freely and lovingly.  But now they aren’t so hard or scary. I can move more freely and move out of them easily to be the adult within my spirit that I need to be, while caring for my younger self, that’s still learning and needs to be loved unconditionally.

So, as you can, step away to a quiet place (although this does get easier to practice amongst the busyness of real life and relationships). Find out what you need right now. I talk to myself – yes, you don’t have to be a parent to do this. David in the Psalms did this. He spoke to his soul out loud and told it what was good for it. Kindly ask yourself today, what do you need right now? Do it out loud. Sit and listen. It’s very fun and comforting as you do this (Ok, I was really scared at first but now it’s much more fun). Love yourself, parent yourself out of love. If it’s hard to do alone or you’re not sure what a healthy parent would say/do, ask a trustworthy person in your life, to do this with you.

It’s a healing process, but most importantly the resting in the Father’s love for me has been what carries me each day. The love and acceptance that I wouldn’t give myself, is given freely. And as more and more of myself, receives it, the days are lighter and my perspective much more different. The same situation that would frightened or overwhelmed me, is instead enjoyed or at least handled  as a strong and loved/loving adult.

I hope today, you find time for yourself. Find time to know who has created you. (Locking yourself in the closet for 5 mins works). His intentions for You are good, to love you, every single day, all the time. (even when we don’t feel it, don’t feel worthy, He loves us! ) I’m resting in this truth today (and learning the dance of cleaning my living room so I can walk in it again….but that the real importance is me, and just being me as I do the things that must be done).

Thank you for letting me share and I hope you take a step in this journey of life here on earth, to love and know yourself and your Maker.


Cashew Milk






I finally made Cashew Milk…..I have grown tired (or become more educated) of the added ingredients in store bought nut milks. I have pondered this long and hard. After finally making time to soak my cashews (I use raw pieces = cheaper) I decided to make it! I followed a few recipes…that’s how I like to cook/bake/blend. I read a bunch of recipes and then combine them. Here is the one I just copied with my own added twist.

Cashew Milk

I added: 8 Medjool dates to my Vitamix near the end along with the other yummy ingredients she noted. I read a few that said to pour through a nut bag/cheese cloth, but I wanted to try it without that first. I doubled the recipe, because although I’ve never made it, that’s what I do coming from a big family. (12 siblings…more on that in another post). I plan to use 1/2 for cashew milk/drinking and the other 1/2 to make a chia seed pudding. I plan to eat some frozen blueberries with yummy, frothy cashew milk over them. Cheers!


I tried it without the nutbag/cheesecloth filter, and I liked it, thought thick. The kids didn’t like, so the next time I make it, I’ll make a single recipe and put it through the filter.

Go on over…


I am having fun over at my new blog:
I am learning how to build a blog and have some creative fun.
Let me know what you think….It’s still in the works….

Posting from my new blog


Started a new blog so I can have a creative outlet and also journal about my life.

Discount for FIT2B


Hi Friends,
Just wanted to share the love and a discount! see links below. (Sign up on the side of blog).
I know I’ve shared a bit of my journey to healing my core after 4 pregnancies, 5 babies, twins, a c-section, and bloating due to food allergies. Most in real life I’ve shared with my family and friends, but I wanted to begin to share on my blog, too.
I’ll post more soon (think real life pictures…yes may too much for some to see a tummy but I want to share my journey), but I just found out I can offer a 30% off for a year long membership with Fit2B. It’s so worth it. I love being able to do a 10-15 min workout, and if the day allows sometimes up to 45 mins. They have over 100 workouts and a lot of great education on how to be tummy-safe and grow in healing your body, all of your body! Nothing (of our bodies) left behind. (oh, and all my boys can watch it without asking why the girls don’t have clothes on. This is what I got when I did other workouts, I like not having to think about when I can do my workouts if they are around).
I know personally for me after having my twins, via emergency c-section, that I had a long hard journey to get healthy/fit again. I did lots of cardio, but couldn’t do the sit ups. Something inside me said, they were wrong. I only ended up with a neck kink and a head ache for a day or two. So I did everything but sit ups. (When I found FIT2B it confirmed my gut feelings about my own body and all of ours). NO planks (until healed), no crunches or sit ups, ever. I know it sounds crazy…but it’s about all the muscles in your body, not just the exterior muscles. We are amazing and complexly made…..and made to heal.
Right before my pregnancy with Brody, I thought, I want to challenge myself to heal, and naturally. My husband is of the mind set of quick. Think if he was the woman, scheduled c-section, tummy tuck, etc. But I on the other hand liked the challenge of healing the way I knew my body was meant to heal. Now….to find the education/information on how to proceed. I began to research, not knowing a lot. Just knowing I had a big belly (getting asked what the sex of my baby was daily and was skinny everywhere else. I stumbled upon Fit2B and also realized I was pregnant with my 5th baby, 4th pregnancy. I began to do the simple workouts meant for pregnancy and those with a diasatsis recti. A Diastasis, is the separation of the muscles in your tummy/core area, from many things, for me mainly pregnancy and a c-section. I have loved Fit2B because I could do their workouts and know I was healing my body, preparing for pregnancy (this time a VBAC- Vaginal Birth After C-section) and my goal to heal my core/diastasis. I have learned so much and they just opened up a education course which is on sale for a little bit longer. I’ve sign up for this too, because I know for me being educated along with exercise/movement has taught me how to move daily, through out my daily chores/activities. Think a 7 year old, two 6 year olds and a very active 1 year old, all boys, all the time! I never knew how I got out of bed, or how I bent over could be affecting my core healing/strength and the rest of my body/health.
I have more to share, but I wanted to share this link. When you sign up put in: living and you’ll get 30% off a yearly membership. Also, if you use my affiliate link on the side of this blog, top right side. (I do get paid from sending you their way but it doesn’t cost you anything. Who doesn’t want a discount, too). If you’re not sure check out the site and there is always a free workout each month. And if you want to come over (local GV peeps) you can preview what I have with my membership, so many workouts and education. And I’d love share with you.  (Disclaimer I’m not a trained medical person or trainer, just can share my basic knowledge that has personally helped me). I know for me I learn so much from the people in my life…..and I enjoy the treasure hunt of find things that help make life better. Fully Living! Here’s the link for the course on experts/education that’s only on sale a bit longer: It’s not open yet, but you can get a deal on it if you do it now. Also, there are discounts once you sign up for other courses, like the Tummy Team and splints sometimes. (I’ll share more about the tummy team, but they are below FIT2B on the top right and my education with them).
Hope you’re enjoying the last day or month before school starts. Off to be with my kids. (PS if you are a professional midwife/DR, physical Therapist/Trainer, they also have courses on the Tummy Team for continued education).
Let me know if you have questions.

Why I started this blog


This blog was my friend, my journal, my dear diary for a long time. It encouraged me in the things I was (am) passionate about. I felt it was a way to document my life, my kids lives, and hopefully have somewhere to come back to, later to refelect on memories. When I realized that a whole year had passed after I’d had my twins, and I could barely remember any of it. That was the day I decided to document it. It’s been a long time since I’ve written, though I enjoy it, I had to put it on hold to live life.
My twins just had their 6th birthday! We’ve come so far…..though I still have moments (many of them) of forgetting things, events, names, etc…..especially who’s who with my children (namely my twins, they are identical!).
A month ago we celebrated my youngest son’s birthday of the big 1! I still am so happy I had a 4th baby! Life is adventourus, but never will it be as crazy as it was when my 3 babies were all babies! Now I just have one baby and three big(er) boys. Sadly saying 4 boys, ages 7 and under isn’t as cool as when I could say 3 kids 1 and under. or 3 kids 2 and under……it would help me feel that yes, this is hard, but good, it sounds hard, too….ha, ha. Now I can look back with compassion on myself and see that yes, it was hard. So grateful for those times. Still trying to enjoy these times, daily as they pass so quickly. So here’s to trying to write more again….and document my kids’ lives and maybe get to share from my heart a little more, too. I’m not just into or about gluten free eating, cute kids, and what I’m making/baking.
And now off to never never land…….and some much needed sleep.



For Science check out this Cool interactive solar sysytem we are studying
I found this fun online solar display. We were going to make one, but the white styrofoam balls cost 2-3 each and I needed at least 9 of them….so we are going to paint them on a large piece of paper, and enjoy our glow in the dark solar system for $4.99. Maybe when my youngins are older….and can retain more (and I don’t have to do most of the crafty work) we’ll make a hands-on one. Or I’ll check with Adam’s crafty Aunts who always have these sort of things in their attics:)

Deep in thought

We are also going to begin the Five Senses. After a bit of research, I decided on the library for resources and some hands on fun. I’m also going to copy my Mom’s fun activity of putting different foods in a bag, tasting and identifying them. And we (I) will look for opportunities throughout our day to apply the Five Senses. We will probably draw some of what we do, too.
For ideas, I always try, Google, Pintrest, and the library, (oh and my Mom, a homeschool educator for over 36+ years)
Another thing I love about this year, besides the fact that I get to spend each and every day with my kids, is that we get to have so much fun learning together.
I was really surprised at the boys retaining Bible verses…(which of course we really just started being consistent at). I chose Psalm 29, since I memorized this in First Grade. I’m focusing on verse by verse each week and also discussing it at my kids level.
And the LIBRARY……we go almost every week. Another fun memory from my own childhood, coming home with brown sacks full of books that I would devour until the following week. I also, remember being very car sick becuase I couldn’t wait to get home from the library on our 20 min. windy, curvy country road. And yes, I’d have to lay there (Or power through helping the family) while I recovered from my car reading sickness. It’s so fun to make the outing. I do have to say I get overwhelmed at carrying a large sack of bags and holding all my boys hands on the treck back the car.  But the joy when we get home…..3 little men on the couch, quietly ‘reading’ while I make lunch. Peace and Quiet and lots of fun times together cuddling and reading for the week ahead.
Well, I must start our carnitas for this yummy Sunday evening…..

I have connection……


After a long period of little internet, to my phone being my internet….to wifi and a computer! It’s happened.
I now have the (easier) option to post random things to my blog….in hopes to remember some of what I’ve done with myself…and my family.
I think I ended with us getting ready to move…back into our 900+/- sq ft home…..I was very doubtful it would work…..but it has. Of course, we are entering ‘winter’…..and I’ll see how we manage…homeschooling 3 rowdy and happy boys!
I would have to say this move was good for our family, getting rid of a lot of stuff…..and learning that it’s good (pack-rat in recovery). I have to be more organized with my time with the boys, but it’s good for us all (minus the fact that the play set is too wet now to play on and burn off energy).
I think I’m rambling my tired need to go to bed ramble. But really excited to be back on….And writing about life.

Until…..later, chow….addios, asta lavista…..