Busy in the kitchen, busy in my life


I haven’t been posting pics, though I’m taking them. I think that my computer wants me to take some off…and haven’t gotten around to that. So I might post the pictures later.
Here is a yummy dish, well it’s still in the fridge but can’t wait to eat this….raw tapicoca pudding….for me.
And I also, have these in the oven. Cinnamon rolls, I sure hope they are worth all my hard work, staying up late, a messier kitchen, but coffee is brewing and they are baking. It’s gonna be a good day. We get to celebrate Adam’s Grandpa’s 90th in town and have a picnic, too.
I’ve been having some fun since Colby seems to have outgrown his wheat and dairy allergy. But, I know I feel better when I eat less wheat, and no dairy. With Colby’s freedom, I’ve had a bit of regular food here and there. And am thinking, NO. But for a few more days, I’ll play and make some yummy stuff for my boys. I do have one more regular cinnamon roll recipe in mind to try, and then a gluten free one. Save those for another Sat PM/Sunday AM.
My boys are out jumping on their trampoline in cowboy boots, don’t worry they do have shirts on! Now, that would be a fun picture…but alas, I need to help out my computer a bit first.
Have a great Sunday….and let the yummyness begin.

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3 Responses to Busy in the kitchen, busy in my life

  1. I didnt know you blogged Becky. I do too. You should take a peek:

    So good to catch up with you this way. What GREAT recipes.

  2. Lindsay – Yes, I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog, too. Nice to have this way to stay in touch when distance is a factor. Hope your having fun w/your boys and photography. Hope to see you next time you’re in town.

    • I really enjoy your posts and yours is plraticacly the only blog that I regularly check these days. This one really resonated with me, especially this: If you hold tightly to your idea of how you think things ought to be, you can miss out on the greatest things happening right in front of you. Even though my life is very good (maybe too good/easy sometimes), I find myself forever thinking that somehow things are not quite good enough. So I am rarely content and miss out on much of life’s joys as a result.And you are right- much good does come from challenges that we would never choose ourselves.

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