Cashew Milk






I finally made Cashew Milk…..I have grown tired (or become more educated) of the added ingredients in store bought nut milks. I have pondered this long and hard. After finally making time to soak my cashews (I use raw pieces = cheaper) I decided to make it! I followed a few recipes…that’s how I like to cook/bake/blend. I read a bunch of recipes and then combine them. Here is the one I just copied with my own added twist.

Cashew Milk

I added: 8 Medjool dates to my Vitamix near the end along with the other yummy ingredients she noted. I read a few that said to pour through a nut bag/cheese cloth, but I wanted to try it without that first. I doubled the recipe, because although I’ve never made it, that’s what I do coming from a big family. (12 siblings…more on that in another post). I plan to use 1/2 for cashew milk/drinking and the other 1/2 to make a chia seed pudding. I plan to eat some frozen blueberries with yummy, frothy cashew milk over them. Cheers!


I tried it without the nutbag/cheesecloth filter, and I liked it, thought thick. The kids didn’t like, so the next time I make it, I’ll make a single recipe and put it through the filter.

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