Playing around


You may notice if you’ve been on at all this nice Saturday morning….that my blog keeps changing. I’m just playing with it and having  fun. Trying to make it simple, cute and easy to read and look at. I dream of getting a specially designed page….someday. For now my little hobby is to just do what I can myself, learn new stuff (isn’t that what life is about), and hopefully get to know a few more people from this fun journey of blogging.

Have a great Saturday…..

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3 Responses to Playing around

  1. i am following yr blog. i invite you to follow myt blog

  2. LOVE your header!! Don’t change it 😉

  3. sTeve, glad you are following. Saw your blog, looks great, will have to set aside some morning coffee time for it.
    Natalie –
    Thanks, I will keep that in mind, I wasn’t sure if it needed a new one…gonna make the font pop out a bit soon, but the picture will stay….took it when the beginning crazyness of the twins had become ‘manageable’ and got my first craft time w/Colby outside – finger paints. Kinda of sentimental, represented a first w/my first son and hope that we were gonna make it through the first year of having 3 kids 1 years and under…. (and we have….)

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