Pumpkin Patch 2009


So, you’ll find I may be blogging current to past events…but I don’t want to miss ‘journaling’ all our fun and adventures.

Yes, we made it to the pumpkin patch.
Bierwagens pumpkin patch (yeah, know I know how to upload a link so you can go to it, too). We’ve been going since Colby was a baby….and now it’s so fun to be there when all my kids can walk and enjoy it.

Pumpkins, hay bales, lots of animals, and family!
My favorite….oh, besides the yummy treats.
We got the boys their pumpkins and will carve later this month.

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2 Responses to Pumpkin Patch 2009

  1. I was looking for you when we went last week. 😉 The tradition of completely-on-accident-meeting-at-Bierwagen’s is broken! Alas! We’ll have to start a different tradition.

  2. I know Serena….I told Liz the same thing, I love that our families would end up the same day/time each year…..

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