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I am having fun learning to build my own blog page so don’t be surprised when you see it look a little or a lot different each time you visit.

Along with the adventure/challenge of a blog, I’ve been learning things like goals. Talked to a good friend after a walk/run and was glad to know I’m not the only person who didn’t know about goals, or and is learning to set them, too. The other side of that is I’m a pretty happy just to be, so I need less to do to make me happy. I’ve dealt with a lot of fear of failure and being ‘good enough’ that it’s held me frozen, not moving. I’ve come (grown) to a place that I don’t want to live like this anymore. I’m taking little steps to change my thoughts and actions. But in the process I don’t want to forget the heart of me. Like today’s run/walk was great. I know there are so many days that I sit in fear of not having enough time, that I don’t do anything active. I’m slowly making new choices to do these things whether I feel them or not. Or even if I’m scared. And reminding myself that I can DO ALL Things through Christ. For some of you, this may be an easy activity/practice and there are other things that scare you or are difficult. I’m finding that often it’s not about the workout but what’s going on mentally/emotionally/spiritually for me. I can easily be extreme and legalistic with myself to get things  done, but I don’t like that lifestyle. I am loving learning to love myself and also do good things for myself. It looks different each day. Today was just plain enjoyable. Getting out of the house much earlier than I ever do, for that matter up at 5am (thanks to the baby), yikes! I’ve heard that you have to run a certain amount before it starts to feel good. I only did slow runs (not jogging…slow running) and then fast walking, but I felt a lot of pure bliss, freedom and happiness in the moments. I don’t know what the next time walking/running will look like, maybe it will be less fun and more effort, but I’ll save that for another day.

Since Sunday naps are happening, I may take the time to do a little something… make up my Christmas to make/buy list for our family.



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