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These are a few of my favorite things (bulletproof plus collagen)

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It’s been a while since I’ve gone on here (finally learning my ‘new’er web host ) and shared what I’m thinking. I love using Instagram, beautiful pictures and lovely colors to say what I enjoy or find pleasure in.

If you follow me or are just a friend who knows me in real life (imagine that, real life), you’ll

see I’ve started to do some fun Facebook live sessions or whatever you would call it. We have so many new words in our life of social media and electronics. Always new ‘verbs’ and new things to do. I realized that when people try to follow me they get led to my blog from IG (Instagram), which sadly, my blog is still in rambles/shambles. I spent 2 hours playing around and learning and adding things. Not much to show, but lots learned.

Anyways, I’ve been having fun on Facebook & Instagram and & Instagram stories (IG stories are great so I don’t blow up peoples’ feeds but can still post caramelized onions or my goofy kids)….posting about my everyday life. Pictures make it more fun to document life, to share it, and to create. Being the mom of 4 boys, who are every growing and changing and running, I find that taking time for creative outlets is rejuvenating. It often includes them, and the creativity of children just living and playing and exploring.

I recently was invited by a trio of sisters to try the Whole30 for a month. A paleo type elimination diet, to weed out foods you may not do well with or for me it is insight in to why I eat. I feel like at times in my life I walk around in a fog of knowing what’s good for me but lacking the self control or desire to change. It is odd, though, how when I decide to do something, it’s so much easier. Back to what I was saying, So about 2 weeks ago, I started eating lots of veggies, healthy proteins, no dairy, no sugar (besides some fruit)  and no grains, and no alcohol. I have eaten gluten free and dairy free (besides goat or sheep dairy) for years now. A journey in itself, learning what is good for my body, what I thrive on and what interferes with everyday function. I feel like I may have had less detox symptoms and cravings due to the fact I’ve eaten either gf/df for years and a few seasons of eating whole30 without knowing it had a name. I was foggy in the beginning, and a bit tired the first week. I think because I have cleared out certain foods before, my body is recognizing this as a good place, good foods, good feelings. I chose to do the whole30 for many reasons, and as I go along this month of eating super healthy, I see other reasons I am choosing health for myself. I was told at a Chiropractic visit that I wasn’t processing sugars, so that helped choosing a way of eating without sugars added in, as easy. There’s motivation for me when I know this is good for me and best for my health. I am eating a little fruit, like I love frozen blueberries. I think fruit is good, just for this season, I’m cutting it back until I know my body has healed.

I started also cutting back my caffeine consumption. I have had days I don’t drink  it at all. In the first week that made it harder, but now as i have a lot more energy, I don’t feel the crutch coffee has been (but still enjoy it).

A month ago, right before I ventured to join my trio of friends, I was invited to speak at a local MOPS group (like a mom support group with good food, great stories, and a craft if you want)  about eating healthy and on a budget

. It got me thinking and acknowledging how much I love learning and sharing about health, especially with food. My sister encouraged me to try a Facebook live, and since then I’ve been enjoying making the time to go live (that means having a schedule some days more, cleaning my house/kitchen all the way up, maybe even lip gloss for fun). I’ve been taking things I’ve been wanting to do, or used to do regularly and incorporating them into my everyday life and Facebook live times. My kids love to join me, but I’m still teaching them how to interact and join me (hands and faces in the camera).

I think besides feeling much healthier, clearer thinking, less shame in how i am treating myself and my body, I’m finding that I like who I am, and developing who that is (at least for this season of life, it changes….it sure changes all the time).

So glad you popped on to check out my blog, writings and thoughts.

This Sunday I’m doing a Facebook live (and you are the first to know) here at my house with my girl friend, Christina and my husband, Adam. They are having a cook off, so join us. I’ll post the time to my IG and Facebook feed.

Until then, carry on, find something to find joy in today, savor a moment, rest and connect to yourself (don’t worry, it’s hard sometimes at first and even scary, but it gets really good as you learn to enjoy you).

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